China Released Covid 19 Cornavirus On Purpose

Watch Out, Church! The Truth about the Coronavirus

April 24, 2020 9:16 AM
Noelia ama a Jesús

20 March 2020

Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, today I give you an important message about the coronavirus. A few days ago I started to feel very sorrowful in my spirit. I seemed to feel the pain that God feels because of the things that are happening. I felt that a word was brewing in my spirit, and the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart, making me understand that the Father wanted to speak to His children. After seeking confirmation of these things, I’m sharing with you what I’ve received, in obedience and with fear and trembling, so that you may take it up in prayer and ask the Lord for guidance in your lives.

What is going on is very serious, and of course, what was revealed to me will most likely never come to light, because these are secret plans, but the Lord wants His church to know the truth about what goes on behind closed doors so that we won’t walk in darkness, that we can be prepared for what’s coming, and that we can know what we have to do regarding this pestilence that’s going around.

The following is the word I received:

Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed… (Psalm 2:1-2, KJV)

My children, in this time I want to speak to you. I want to tell you what the news don’t tell you. I want to open your eyes and you to know the truth. I want to help you understand that there is nothing hidden for Me, and in this time I’m going to remove the curtain that they placed before your eyes so masterfully.

Days of loneliness are coming on the earth, in which so many people won’t be able to get together. This is My judgment because previously they got so close to one another in order to sin. I’m doing this by isolating the people in this quarantine. I’m taking them into the desert so they can find Me, so they can understand that without Me they can do nothing.

I’m opening the eyes of many. Many are realizing that what I’m saying it’s coming is true. I’m showing you the tip of the iceberg, so that when its whole body appears My own will be ready. Hide yourself a little, My people, until the test passes. Don’t sleep. It’s time to arm yourselves. It’s time to be watching. Don’t sleep.

I’m shaking the nations, I’m disrupting them, I’m overwhelming them. I’m showing them that they are not in control, because the scepter is Mine, and if I cause chaos, man cannot bring order back. It’s by the moving of My scepter that there is chaos and order, not by man’s plans.

Men are conspiring in these times. They are making macabre plans. They gather together to perform autopsies on the bodies contaminated and weakened by the disease. It turns out that I’m the One who has the cure. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. And if I don’t put an end to an epidemic, no one can stop it.

It’s not over yet. It will continue to advance a while longer. More souls are still to depart. The devil has a right over many people, and he is taking those who are to die with death of pestilence. Nothing is by chance. Everything has a reason. All people will have the end that is ordained for them. However, I’m observing how and how far this pandemic advances. It won’t go farther than I allow it to go. Viruses are like little pets that obey their demonic masters, instruments invisible to the human eye but not to My eye.

Satan is doing this with his ugly hand, because he is the prince of the power of the air. He is in charge of carrying out this dirty move through the air of the earth. And I allow him to do it because man kills and kills and doesn’t stop killing. Shame on them for wanting to save the living while killing all the time those who haven’t been born yet. Liters and liters of blood shed on the earth are crying for justice, millions of souls who didn’t have the chance to be born, voices that were never heard, lives that never came to see the light of day. That’s why I allow it, because the people have blood on their hands and don’t repent. Vengeance is Mine. I am the God of salvation, and I am the God of destruction when there are accounts to be settled.

Repent! Cry! Let all sinners take this bitter cup, brazen people who go on with their lives without stopping to meditate on the present death and destruction! They were busy with their own things, when suddenly they turned and saw that death was looking for them.

This doesn’t stop here. This is just the beginning, like the pains of a pregnant woman: death after death, destruction after destruction, war after war. The agenda of the secret groups will become more aggressive as the days go by, and the number of deaths will increase, while the population will be made to believe that these groups don’t exist, that it’s just a normal pestilence. That’s not true, My children. Don’t be ignorant of the plans that the enemy is executing throughout the world. Open your eyes, My people! Science develops, technology advances, and those in high places know that these can be used for destruction.

What the news say is not true! It’s false! Don’t believe it! It’s man-made, it’s man-made, the work of the mind of Satan, who is the master of wickedness. Many people are being exterminated. Many people are being contaminated. It’s not even possible to eat food without ingesting the poisons they add to it, dark substances laden with cyanide, trace amounts of silver that are poisoning the blood and make it heavy so it will circulate more slowly, and thus the organs will start to get sick and the heart will spend more effort pumping it. Why do you think there are more and more deaths due to heart attacks? How don’t you realize that the digestive problems are more and more serious? They are poisoning you! You are victims of a system of slow and progressive and sometimes even devious murdering. Don’t be deceived. Things are not as they appear.

I’m calling My people to rise up against this evil that they are spreading into the air to get the elderly to die. They are killing them without mercy. This is a biological weapon, a weapon of life destruction. And thus they annihilate in different ways. But you don’t need to fear. Just take refuge in Me.

This is a war between the countries that are seeking to rise the top position of power. This is an economic attack to weaken the economies. My children, wake up! This thing is getting more and more serious. You have the rope around your neck and they are going to pull it more and more. You are walking in the mud and don’t realize it. These are perilous times. These are deceitful times. Stop and observe everything that’s happening and study the moves of the elite: everything is planned. Draw near to Me, because by being near to the light you can see what they are doing in darkness. Stop and meditate on these things. Connect the dots. Don’t be naïve. Wake up!

When you think you’re recovering from a catastrophe, another one will come. That’s because we are in birth pains. The earth is in pain. The earth is suffering. The air is being stirred because man’s sin is going up and up to My nostrils like a thick darkness that is rising to the sky. The people have blood on their hands. That’s why I allow this, because they have betrayed Me. Murder, murder! Too much murder! The sin of murder; homicide keeps on growing these days. They keep on killing people in different ways. They kill the babies, the children, the elderly. They kill, annihilate people in many ways.

Oh, how much they will suffer, those who are not prepared! How they will fall, those who are not standing on the rock! Because ALL will be shaken, but not all will fall. Only the one who holds My hand will remain standing.

Do not fear, children of the light, because you are with Me. Deploy your powerful weapons against this evil. Aim and shoot! Take advantage of the opportunities to train, because I’m observing how My children react, and I’m measuring the courage of each one of them. Cry out, little children. Attack. Carry out My design on earth. Don’t fall asleep. Insist on praying until invisible barriers are broken. Don’t wait anymore. Get together like an army against the schemes of this shrewd enemy. Fight him. Don’t stop. Attack, because your prayers make the pestilence weaker. They take away its strength, because its strength comes from the enemy. Break the chains. Destroy. Burn down! Intervene!

Still, little children, be still and see, see that I am God. Observe what I’m going to do: how I put a stop to all this, because as I told you, I’m the One in charge here. And don’t forget that I love you, but My love is not like yours. There are things that perhaps some of you cannot understand, but you must trust in Me despite the tribulation that lies ahead, because I’m waking you up, I’m refining you, I’m polishing you, I’m working in you and making you like My beloved Son, who was also perfected though suffering.

The One who is speaking to you is the God of the Bible, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of the plagues of Egypt, the God who raises the dead and who heals the sick, the One who brought back to life Him who died on the cross, Whom I appointed as Lord of Lords and King of Kings, Jesus Christ, My most beloved Son and My only companion for ever and ever. Amen.

And surely your blood of your lives will I require; at the hand of every beast will I require it, and at the hand of man; at the hand of every man’s brother will I require the life of man. Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man. (Genesis 9:5-6, KJV)

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Prophecy for 2020 and Beyond: “This Is the Time of the End”

April 23, 2020 6:28 PM
Noelia ama a Jesús

2 January 2020

And he said, Go thy way, Daniel: for the words are

closed up and sealed till the time of the end. (Daniel 12:9 KJV)

My children, those who listen to My voice:

I Am before the ages began, and all things are in My hand. I have a plan, a plan of redemption of all things, a plan of perfect restoration where sin and death will not reign anymore, because love prevails over evil, and light over darkness (1 John 1:5). I am moving My hand stirring up all things. I am awakening that which was sleeping, I am bringing everything to light, so that My own can be aware of the things that remained dormant for ages. Not everything is what it appears to be, not everything is how most understand it. The world is deceived by the evil one and he is moving his puppets fast to accomplish the agenda that was prepared before the ages. I am aware of everything. There are no secrets for Me (Daniel 2:22), but there are for you, and there are many things you don’t know, there are many things you’ve been unaware of for a long time. But this is a time when I will bring many of these things to light, and I will open your eyes so you can know them. During this time, I will remove the bandages from the eyes of many people, and I will even wash their eyes with eye- salve. And when this happens, many of you will feel like someone who was blind and can see for the first time, because you will realize that you thought you know something when in reality that something was just a little crumb.

These are the days prophesied by Daniel. I showed him the last days of man on the earth. I showed him many events that are prepared to happen in these times (Daniel 12:9), because everything has a time when it must happen, and everything has an appointed time. Everything has an order, because in My plan there is no confusion. Everything is perfectly orchestrated.

These are the days in which I will cleanse your garments so much that you will shine more brightly than the sun and the stars that I formed with My hand (Daniel 12:10), because I am separating the wheat from the tares. I am making you shine even more than you do. I am lifting you spiritually. I am giving you more knowledge. I am giving you new and powerful spiritual weapons so you can overcome, because the looming war will also be great, and the one who is not ready will not be able to endure what is coming for those who believe in the Son of God.

Be ready, My people, because I will keep moving My hand over the Earth. The volcanoes will still continue to erupt. There will be earthquakes in various points of the planet. I will shake all things. I will move the foundations of the Earth. The water of the oceans will move from one side to another. The Earth will reel like a drunkard who has no control, and the order that reigns among the celestial bodies will not reign anymore (Hebrews 12:26), because as man loses control over himself, the same will also happen in all creation. This will be gradual. Like the birth pains of a pregnant woman, which are increasing, and the contractions are more and more frequent, the same will happen with the chaos and the turmoil, and they will be greater and greater (Matthew 24:7-8). I will put everyone in a position in which they will feel the pressure to finally make a decision for righteousness and truth or for wickedness and the dishonoring of the Son of God. Everyone will choose to go one way or the other, and even those who think they can remain neutral will be part of one or the other group, because I am polarizing everything. Understand that the half measures will disappear and everything will become more extreme, and the neutrality of the people and the society will be weakening, for everything will be so clearly marked and differentiated that the only thing left to do will be to decide for one kingdom or the other. The gray options will vanish, and gradually only two kinds of options will remain, those that go toward white and those that go toward black (Revelation 22:11). Imagine how many things need to change for this to happen! To reach this point, cordiality will disappear. The conciliation between people will no longer exist. People will lose their patience and will fight for their demonic ideals that are now fairly well implanted in their perverse minds (Timothy 3:1-4). Thus, the laws will reflect this mentality that disobeys the laws of God. And then those who say they are Mine will be tested like the three Hebrews when they entered the fiery furnace but then they were rescued (Daniel 3:21). Understand this, My little children, that you will NOT be rescued before the test, but you will first have to demonstrate that you are truly willing to give up your lives out of love for the One who loved you first. Then it will be seen who are the true soldiers of Jesus Christ, who are those who truly trained for that moment, and for, if necessary, resisting to the point of shedding their blood.

Do you love Me? Then obey My commandments. Let yourselves be refined, because those whom I love I correct and prepare for resisting the final test (Matthew 24:13), because you will be here, seeing how the things prophesied by the prophet Daniel are unleashed. The last days are here. You are the last generation of brave soldiers of the army of the living God.

Leave behind the things of the world and the pride of life, all of you who hope to reach the end of the road in Me, and you will obtain the crown of life that I have prepared for those brave warriors who opposed the forces of darkness.

2020 is a year of redemption, is a year in which I will redeem much people. The power of the Holy Spirit will be poured out like the latter rain that was waiting for the glorious era of the Holy God to arrive. 2020 is a golden year before My eyes, for I will refine you like gold (Isaiah 13:12). I will make man more precious than the beautiful precious stones. I will clean the garments of many. I will open the eyes of multitudes. I will pour out My Spirit and many will know Me, and many who were sleeping will awaken from sleep. I will reveal many mysteries hidden from before the foundation of the world, truths that I prepared to be revealed in the time of the end (Daniel 2:47).

I will open treasure chests that I will give to those who let themselves be refined, to those who let themselves be broken to the very depths of their being, to those who cry and suffer because of what is going on in the world. To them I will give precious stones, which are these mysteries that I long to reveal to My children, to the faithful and loved ones who dedicate themselves to suffer until exhaustion out of love for My Son Jesus, my only begotten companion, in whom My soul delights. Those I will invite to enter My heavenly chambers that are full of hidden treasures ready to be handed out in these times. And many will oppose these new things that I’m going to teach you, not understanding the times they go through. Those hearts that will remain hard because of sin and lust will not understand what I’m doing (Daniel 12:10) and will throw stones at those who understand My actions.

2020 – a year of revolts, a year to understand many things, a year to give knowledge to My people, a year to open the hearts and prepare them for the final battle that those who die to selfishness and to self, will have to fight.

Rejoice, My little children, because glorious times are coming, times in which My power will be seen multiplied in those who dedicate themselves without hiding any corner of their hearts from Me. While the evil generation advances and develops, My own will be superior, and will perform new creative miracles, and will turn water into wine, will divide the waters like I am dividing them, will raise the dead, and will flow in the stream of the

power of the Holy Spirit of God. The words of knowledge will increase, and the prophecy will flow like streams of living water that spread among My people (Joel 2:28-29). Those who are willing to pay the price will be like a walking fire, will be like a burning flame that emanates the power of God abundantly. They will walk full of the Holy Spirit, full of power, full of boldness. They will wipe out the evil like a bulldozer that advances and levels everything that remains under its wheels.

During this time, connections will continue to be formed between kings and nations. There are secret plots, there are plans of war that are being put together on the tables of the powerful. There are covert telephone calls between presidents. Armies are being formed. Soldiers are training. New weapons of destruction are being developed (Matthew 24:6). All want to get the crown. All want to be number one in the world power. And the world leaders are willing to pay any price in order to obtain this title.

You My children, don’t be ignorant of all this. Know the times we are in! Don’t be ignorant of these times. Study the scriptures. Advance in the spiritual. Arm yourselves too, but with wisdom and understanding. Ask Me for knowledge, because I certainly want to give it to you (Daniel 1:17). Don’t hide in a cave waiting for the end to come. Stop hibernating and move outward, because a soldier doesn’t remain forever in the trenches, but he moves forward to attack his enemy. This is the only way victories are won, not only defending yourself, but also attacking. The cowards will NOT inherit the kingdom. Know how to distinguish the era we are in and ask for discernment, because many of the things you see are just a great charade, a façade for what’s in reality behind, a sham so the multitudes will remain deceived and hypnotized, a forged painting, a scam to keep the eyes of the people entertained, fake bread that cannot be eaten, fairy tales that are far from reality, for behind this grand show that the cynics are staging there is a giant secret plot that is being shaped, and you are the main target. The “game” consists in trapping the followers of Christ and make them desert, all those who don’t consent to follow the antichrist (1 John 2:18). Like in a game of chess, each piece has as its goal the elimination of another, the white ones eliminate the black ones and the black ones to eliminate the white ones, the same happens in the spiritual. The “game” advances and is getting more and more complex and dangerous. And that’s where we are now. The groups and the lodges are moving their chips to shackle more and more strongly the citizens of various nations of the Earth. Be awake and don’t sleep! Watch! Because the time is near. Amen.

Note: I recommend you to study this prophetic word in the light of the whole book of Daniel, asking for understanding and revelation, because while receiving this word, the Spirit made me understand that it is intimately related to this book, not only because the events prophesied by Daniel have to do with the last days, but also because the various events that happen in Daniel’s story are a parallel of those that we will go through during these end times.



Message received March 1, 2020

Daughter of Zion, tell My people you are now witnessing the fulfillment of all I have told you, all I have prepared you for, and all that must be. An acceleration of plans by the dark kingdom has ensued. Just as I have continued to tell you, this dark kingdom believe they will win and their goals will be accomplished. 

The one who has been selected and groomed for the role of hero and god of this earth walks among you. He is the man of perdition, he is the one they believe will rule the world and finalize the evil plans of satan.  It is he who disguises himself as a peaceful leader, one to bring harmony across the world. Soon he will be made public.  Great measures have been taken by those in power to ensure their design is carried out. They play the people of the world as pawns in their game and they study the response of the masses in order to better perfect their next strategy. This plan has been in place since satan rebelled. The pieces fall into place quickly and I will now do something with your time. This is why it is of the utmost importance to be walking with Me. 

Many, many of My people are still sleeping, they have not drawn close to Me and they are not living lives of holiness. Therefore, as these judgments are unleashed with more force, closer and closer together, most unfortunately are yet still unprepared. The god of this world has a host, and he will have his time, but it will be short lived. He will exalt himself above every god and demand to be worshipped as greater than Me. He will prosper until the indignation is finished for that which has been decreed shall be done. 

Watch and see as all things come together to control the populations of the world. A new and better system which has been foretold in My Word will be presented, and it will look as if it is the only way to survive. The days of freedom as you know it are over. 

This corona virus and the locust plagues, the storms of great magnitude, earthquakes, floods and volcanoes you are seeing are only the beginning of the severe judgments. The evil plans of the enemy run so deep that you cannot fathom it. Things will escalate so very quickly now and I must have your focus. Those who hate My people and all that are not a part of their plan act with no conscience and no morals. There is only an agenda and the obsessive drive to accomplish it. The portals have opened and hell has been unleashed on the earth. Anyone who does not see this is in complete denial and will suffer the consequences of this decision. I have always offered a choice, but the choice must come quickly.

There is only way to be free. I AM THE WAY. I AM THE TRUTH. MY TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE. You cannot have light and darkness together. You must choose. Are you ready? Truly ready? There is hope in Me and only Me. I protect and provide for My own. Take My hand and trust Me alone. I know the heart of every soul. You will not walk this path alone if We are united in My heart. 

You can do nothing of yourselves, so simply place your entire lives and that of your loved ones in My hands and trust Me for everything. Prepare as you are led to do by My Holy Spirit but never fear, as My perfect love casts out all fear. I have numbered your days and you will remain untouched until I say it is done. If I say go, leaving your place of residence or current situation no matter what that may be, go. If I say remain where you are, stay and believe. Cover yourselves constantly with My blood and declare your rightful positions. 

I have warned you My Bride will see much, but I have also told you My remnant army is ready and no matter what the enemy thinks he will send your way to harm you, he has never seen anything like those who I will fully indwell, collectively operating in the power of My Spirit on the earth. I am about to shock the world like never before, and not one will be without understanding that I AM GOD and there is no other..

YAHUSHUA Messages received by Julie Whedbee (


Message received March 14, 2020I, the Lord will march forward like a warrior. I will be triumphant in My zeal. I will roar, and your enemies will know how mighty I Am. I will prevail as a man of war, awakened out of sleep, out of My holy habitation, as I am the Lord. There is no other. You will rejoice when you see this and know that I am with you. I have held My peace for a long time. I have remained still and waited. But now, I will cry like a woman in travail and crush.Blessed are you who wait upon Me, who hope for My return. I will renew your strength, and you will ascend with wings like eagles. You will not be weary or discouraged, as your every need is in My hand. Do you see? Everything spoken of in My Word has come to pass so far, and I will always warn and counsel My people beforehand, so you will be prepared. When the darkness surrounds you on all sides, I will be that light unto your path. I will do things seemingly impossible. You would not believe what I am about to do, even if I were to tell it to you. You are well into the beginning of the end, the end of all things known to man. The ways of life as it has been known are forever gone. Nothing will remain the same. It will not fare well for those who have not heeded My warnings, those who have refused to seek out truth and not lies. Surely, however, I will show justice to those walking in obedience. As I have shown My daughter in times past, the judgments will escalate quickly, closer and closer together, increasing in intensity. (see vision from June 18, 2012 below)

There is no stopping what I have begun. There will be no delay. The warnings I have spoken will be fulfilled. I have spoken it, and I am the Lord. It has begun in earnest, and this virus (Covid- 19) is only the beginning. You will see more plagues, pestilence and famine now, and storms of great magnitude, earthquakes, volcanoes and bizarre weather, as I continue to shake all things that can be shaken. 

Have I not given you the sun, the moon and the stars as well to tell of what season you are in? The signs are everywhere. Remember who I am. I am light, but I have also created darkness. I am peace, and I have also created evil. I the Lord do all these things.

Those who know Me, intimately know Me, will only have My peace as they are hidden under the shelter of My wing, as these things occur. Those who have not walked as I have instructed them to walk will know terror and fear, as the foundations they have placed their trust in shatter to pieces. Not one of you could be totally prepared for everything that is here, everything that is coming. But in Me, abiding in My heart and walking in My ways, I will lead you, provide for you and protect you. 

I have made Myself very clear for so long now, and now I must act. YAHUSHUA


Daughter of Zion and all you that know righteousness and have My laws written on your heart, the time has come for all that I have spoken to come to pass! Sound the trumpet and ready your heart, I am coming to My jewels! I am coming, your Most High King, and My arm will save many that are lost by the exploits you will do under My anointing.

The time of preparation has come to its close, and the time of judgment and deliverance is at hand! I have told you to hide yourself, but for a little while, as My indignation passes. Hide yourself in the safety of My wing and prepare to meet your Bridegroom! Go into My secret place and remain. The inner holy chamber, the Holy of Holies, is where I will meet you. Besides what is necessary for obvious responsibilities, remove yourself from the world and prepare your oil. I will provide for all your needs. You have My word. Sanctify your vessels for the Holy One is coming! Allow all else to fade away of this world, and let Me finish the emptying of your vessel so that My oil may overflow you and prepare your heart for My return to you. Immerse yourself in My heart, in My love. Come many times a day in repentance and humility, and continue to ask to be emptied of all self in order that I may completely indwell. The trials and refinement you have been under since you first came to Me and were born anew into My heart are finally over. The time has come for your deliverance from the afflictions you have endured. The world will soon know My presence in the earth like never before, as I manifest Myself through My first-fruits and reveal what I have taught from the beginning. I have taught of these things that will occur before they happen, so you will know and understand. Wisdom, knowledge and understanding, discernment and great faith belong to those who seek with all their heart. You are My mighty army, and I will help you and uphold you. I have hedged you in on all sides. I go before you and I Am your rear guard. You are My wheel within a wheel. We are One. My voice as King of the army of Hosts will speak in unison to those I indwell. I will roar upon My habitation and shout, as I tread the grapes against all the inhabitants of the earth. Does My Word not teach that the saints shall inherit the earth? You are an exceedingly great army and nothing will stand against you that I will not overthrow. You will mobilize and go forth in great power and authority! Be filled with joy My loves, as your time has come and Heaven invades the earth! What is done is done, and for those who did not listen to the many, many warnings that I have spoken. They will not know the peace and joy that I will pour out during the trials that are now here on the earth. I will cause the earth and its inhabitants to know that I am God and there is no other, as I pour out fire, smoke, hail and storms. I will shake and I will overturn. The mighty winds of judgment will blow across the earth and men will tremble before the Great I Am. What has begun in the way of earthquakes, volcanoes, famines and floods, fires and pestilence and plagues will only greatly increase. As I have said previously, this is only the beginning of the Day of the Lord. Few have taken Me seriously, and as My Word has taught that I do, I have given them over to their carnal desires and hardened their hearts against Me. My judgments are a mercy to them, an opportunity to repent, although many will not see it as such. America, you especially have hid your heads in the sand, and refused to believe in My providence and My sovereignty over your land. Because you hate My laws and have made an alliance with evil, I will strip you of everything you have idolized and placed before Me, as I expose your shame and your nakedness. You will reap what you have sown, and your enemies will overtake and destroy you. Babylon has fallen, and the world will watch, as I bring you to your knees for your whoredom, your mockery of My Word, and your murder of the innocent. Great shame and suffering come, and there will be great weeping and lamentation in the streets. Chaos will erupt soon, and very quickly, all over your nation and your freedom will be lost in a night. It is already begun. Pray unceasingly for those who are suffering, those who are alone, and those who will die suddenly for their repentance and their salvation. Pray for mercy for the lost, and I will hear your prayers, you who walk in holiness and righteousness.ALERT – Try This New Tech and You’ll Never Run Out of Clean Drinking Water Again! (VIDEO) Rejoice and do not be sorrowful My loves, however, and do not despair or grow weary. I am your Refuge and your Strength. Be filled with My joy as Heaven begins its celebration, as My army is about to be commissioned and delivered from the bondage of this world.


A Prayer to receive the spirit of God from Prophetess Linda Newkirk

(Complete prophecy with other important prayers here)

(Excerpt begins) (Read the prayer itself outloud with sincerity, you do not have to memorize

Father, there will come those, who will make their lists, and who will pray these prayers, but they do not have Your Spirit. Father, they need Your Spirit, and they also need your baptisms. Father, what will you do for these?

My Little One, the following is the third prayer for those, who have been in such deep sin, that if they did have My Spirit, it fled; and if they never had My Spirit, they most certainly need it! Therefore, I give this prayer as a third prayer for all, who so need My Beautiful Spirit of love, grace, mercy, hope and great and wonderful spiritual gifts and manifestations of Me.

Third Prayer

The Prayer to Receive the Spirit of God

Jesus, oh Blessed Saviour, You know of the great holes in Me, which have been there for a very long time! Father, I do not want any holes in my heart or in My spiritual makeup anymore; for these holes are also places for demons to hide in.  Oh, Blessed Saviour, please give me Your Spirit!  Please fill up these great holes with your Wonderful Spirit of Love, Mercy, Grace and supernatural wonders! I am separated from any, who have the Spirit of God, and who would pray for Me, so that I may receive Your Spirit.

Father, I so deeply desire Your Spirit; for I do not wish to be like the heathen, who live in darkness and who are cut off from You!  Father, hear my cries!  I beg you to reach down and to impart Your Spirit to me; for I want to be counted among Your Children!  Hear my cries, Oh Blessed Saviour! 

Father, I also ask You to send Your great power into me and to drive every demon out of me, for I greatly want to be free!  And, Father, help me to be mindful of wrong behaviors and to be mindful of behaviors, which will insult or drive out Your Spirit!  For, once You give me Your Spirit, I never want to be an empty house again! I never want to be cut off again! I never want to be counted among the heathen again!

I want to know you, Jesus! I want to know You in an even greater way; and if it would be Your will, I would like to serve You one day! I would like to help save souls, who are just like Me, lost and cut off! 

Father, I know that without Your Spirit, I am cut off from You and if I do not find you and receive Your Spirit, at the last day, my soul will burn; for I will be counted among the rejects! Father, I do  not want this! Have mercy on Me! Please bless me to have Your Spirit and help me to do what is right; for I so greatly treasure Your Spirit!  Don’t let me perish, Oh Lord!  Give me your Holy Spirit; for I long to be counted among Your children. Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, Oh Blessed Saviour! Amen!

My Little One, for each one, who will pray this prayer, and who will pray it with their whole hearts, know one thing, that I will visit this one, and I will give to this one My Spirit in a supernatural way!  For, I also realize that many will not know where to go to receive the Spirit of God! And, any can receive My Spirit through the laying on of hands, but many in the churches, who would pray for others to receive My Spirit, do not even have My Spirit!

So, in these end-times, I will do some extraordinary things to save souls!  And, this one prayer I will also honor when one so seeks My Spirit with a whole heart. I will even visit this one, just as I have told you, and I will so impart My Spirit!  This prayer will also benefit many in My house, who are called by My Name, for many, who claim to know Me do not know Me, but are as dead wood!  So, this prayer is for many so-called Christians, who have never had My Spirit, or who have driven out My Spirit by doing things, which have offended My Spirit, and have not repented!

By giving this prayer, which I will indeed honor, when one prays it with his or her whole heart, I am indeed giving a very grand gift, and a very great tool for salvation!  For, if one has My Spirit, this one is given special consideration, even if he, or she dies in sin, there is still hope for many!  Hear Me in this!  This is a very important prayer!

So, if you are not sure whether you have the Spirit of God, or not, pray this prayer and do not pray it just once, but day after day, with a whole heart, until you know that you have the love and light of My Spirit within you!  For, if you have had My Spirit and if You have insulted it and have driven it away, you may have to pray with a greater determination and with a greater longing to receive it again; but if you are truly sorry for all of your sins and if you have worked well the previous steps in cleaning up your life diary, praying these three prayers, I will hear your pleas to receive My Spirit.

With these words, I will close this section!  Take these teachings very, very seriously. Do this work and I will not only make you clean, but if you will thereafter walk in love, forgiveness and obedience towards Me, loving Me above all and loving and forgiving others, even your enemies, I will also save your soul and you will thereafter go on high and receive a mighty inheritance in the Kingdom of Light, which is joy and beauty beyond any and all things, which you could or would ever imagine!

Father, in closing, I have a couple of questions.

Say on…

Father, in the beginning of these visions, which relate to the life diary, I saw many sparks when I brought forth this diary. Father, why was that?

My Little One, this part, this work on ones life diary, is anointed with much of My power! These prayers are My prayers.  These words are My words!  This work, I am giving and I am honoring!  Therefore, this work is anointed by Me and these sparks and fire are My sparks and fire! For, if any and all will seize upon this teaching, which I now give, and do as I so direct, I will hear their cries to Me!  For, this work I now ordain! This work I empower through My power! For, through these prayers alone, and through this heartfelt work, I will truly clean up and save many if they will pursue Me with their whole hearts.

Oh, thank You, oh Blessed Saviour! How I delight in You! I love you so!!!!

(excerpt ends)