A Very Deadly Plague Coming Soon


In early April of 2020 world re-knowned prophet Sadhu Sundar Salvaraj released a shocking prophecy he had just received regarding a new virus that is going to follow on the heels of the Coronavirus, somewhere towards the end of this year. The Lord has told Sadhu that the new virus, will make the current pandemic, look like child’s play.

Sadhu is a disciplined servant of the Lord with an excellent grasp and recall of scripture. He has been taken to heaven on numerous occasions to receive important prophetic messages. His prophecies have been quite accurate over the years and have included the elections of both Obama and Trump.

Because of the extreme importance of this virus prophecy, and also due in part to the fact that the Lord has confirmed the truth of this prophecy to me as well, I have decided to make the following transcript of the key parts of Sadhu’s ‘Angel TV’ video. Please share this with others.

Transcript begins…..

In September of last year when the word of the Lord came to US prophet Chuck Pierce. The Lord told him a pandemic is going to break out in this world before the end of the year 2019. At that time in 2019 there was no sign of any plague or any problem. The sign of a virus breaking out was only reported on Dec 31st 2019 in China. The Lord also told him that it will last until Passover 2020. How do we know that it will end at that time? The first part of the prophecy came to pass, definitely the second part will also come to pass.

(Passover just ended on April 16th so if the second part of Chuck’s prophecy is accurate we should now see a slowing of the plague, back to Sundar now)

Sadhu is shown a vision at this point in his presentation….

What I see now is this. I see the Lion of the Lord lifting up His foot and stamping that virus under His foot. Let me rephrase, or say it correctly again like this. Not totally stamping under His foot, but putting it under His foot, meaning He is keeping it under control, but not totally eradicating it. Now why? We need to find out why.

Now on the 20th of February 2020, I was called to come and wait at the presence of the Lord at 10 in the morning. And as I was waiting on the Lord I was taken before His Holy presence in the heavenly realm. And as soon as I came and stood before the Lord Jesus, He looked at me and He said, the Father God wants to talk with you. You have an important message to carry back, come with Me now.

So we were transported to the place where the Father God dwells. When I came and stood before the presence of the Father God it was a huge mountainous region beautifully covered with snow. And the summit of the mountain is always covered with clouds. I told you earlier that 2015 was the first time I saw that place. So each time I come there I recognize that place. So now we stood there and I am seeing the same scene. Somehow there was a fear of God in my heart. Each time I come there I always tremble like a leaf. To stand before the Almighty God is not an easy thing. While we were standing and looking at the mountain, from the cloud that was on the summit came three lightnings and thunders. A loud splitting thunder sound and it happened three times. Three lightnings came down. And from the summit of the mountain the Father God came and stood before me. I didn’t see the face, but it was the form of a cloud. That is exactly how the children of Israel saw in the Old Testament. In Exodus chapter 33 we read that when he prophet Moses goes into the Tabernacle to talk with God, a pillar of a cloud comes and stands at the entrance to the Tabernacle.

So when the form of the Father God came and stood before me, these are the things that He spoke. So now I am going to tell you exactly how I received it from the Father God. “Another great wind is going to sweep all over the world”. And when He spoke the word wind, it was meant for me to know this, that another great wind, worse than the Coronavirus pandemic, is going to sweep this whole world. The world is shaken with fear and trembling because of the Cornavirus, but the word of the Lord came to say, “another worse than Coronavirus is going to come. When that comes, it will make this Coronavirus look like child’s play. So when this great wind comes it will sting people like a hornet’s stinger”. (It is difficult to discern between the Lord’s words and Sadhu’s, so I will not include anymore quotation marks)

When a hornet stings a person, a person feels hot like with a fire sensation, and swelling like boils appear on their bodies. In the same manner when this wind stings a person that person will feel hot like with fire over them and their temperature will rise above 100 degrees fahrenheit, above 38 derees centigrade. So the feelings will be hot like a fire burning all over their body and fevers will shoot up in their bodies more than 100 degrees and boils will develop all over their faces and bodies, especially in the chest area. These are the physical symptons when this virus stings. The doctors and the scientists will be perplexed at not being able to discover at all, any medicine or vaccine for this.

This morning I read in the news a scientific report about this Coronavirus. That the scientists are still trying to understand the DNA of this virus and they say a vaccine is still along time away. So there is no medicine! (I do not think Sadhu has heard about the successful Hydroxychloroquine/zinc treatments being used by several different doctors) There is no vaccine! And by the time that they claim they have found something, this ‘hornet’ will come to sting. But this time, the scientists and the doctors will not be able to discover any way how this virus works, and they will not be able to discover any medicine or vaccine.

I now am remembering something I heard from the late prophet of God Neville Johnson. A few years ago the Lord revealed to him that plagues will appear in the last days and their mutations will be so different that doctors will not be able to understand how they work. The DNA structure in the virus will mutate itself. And the latest scientific medical report says similar things about the Coronavirus and that a worse thing will come next.

The plague that is going to come, the strain will be similar to the present Coronavirus. Perhaps you have seen pictures of what the virus looks like. The virus that is going to come, the strain will look a little similar to that, but there will be something different. There will be a lot of stingers all around the virus strain. Maybe you have played throwing darts. When people go to some clubs, while their drinks are being made, they will take a dart and throw it. But if it accidentally falls on your body, that sharp needle will prick you and it will be very painful. This new virus is like that. It is not just a virus that will stick on to your skin, like a hornets stinger, it will sting you.

I will now describe to you what the Holy Spirit is showing me in a vision now. You know when a hornet stings you it’s stinger is stuck into your skin and it releases the poison. In the same manner when this virus enters into a persons body, especially flowing in their bloodstream, the stingers that are all over the virus strain, it will begin to sting the blood vessels and the poison is released into the blood stream. This will cause a great amount of fatalities.

And I tell you a truth now, many governments have done a very good thing today by shutting down their nations. Many governments are shutting down their nations to protect their people from being bitten by this virus. But even when such practices are followed next time, the ‘worse than Coronavirus’ that is coming, will not be controllable. Like a lion that goes out to seek it’s prey, the virus will go out to seek it’s prey.

(End of excerpts)

Please let the following sink in…. Jesus Christ is coming set up a Kingdom on this earth following the seven year Tribulation. The  Tribulation, which is also known as ‘The Great And The Terrible Day of the Lord’ is now roaring to life. Jesus is a Holy and a Righteous God and He cannot set up His KIngdom untill all evil and all sinners have been removed from this planet. He will then heal and restore the planet to it’s orginal pristine condition and there will be a thousand years of peace during which the planet will be repopulated.

There is no grey area here and no one is going to get a free pass. If you are not willing to repent and come out of the world and get right with Jesus, you may soon find yourself in hell, or you may soon be taking the ‘mark of the beast’ and be turned into a mind controlled zombie. There is little time to sit on the fence now as many judgments are upon us besides the plagues. God is about to shut the door and it is going to become much more difficult to seek Him. There will be a revival take place shortly but it will take place during much chaos as the judgments are unfolding. If you wait for that to happen it may be too late as you may already be dead. There will be a rapture midway through the Tribulation but do not count being a part of it because if you continue in sin you may be dead before it happens. People love evil today so Jesus is going to turn people over to it and many will not survive. Repent now, today! This world and all it’s lusts, addictions and idolatries are not worth living for. You never know when you are going to take your last breath. Visit those testimonies will motivate you to wake up.

If you want to get started here is an excellent prayer from Jesus Himself to receive the spirit of God and get started on the path to Salvation, which is Eternal Life. Merely believing in Jesus and being a good person will save you. Christians who have fallen for the hyper grace and prosperity doctrines are winding up in hell everyday, and that number is in the 90% range or higher…

The following prayer was given by Jesus to Prophetess Linda Newkirk. It is excerpted from a very powerful prophetic work ‘The Tools Of Salvation’ which can be found at the following link. I highly reccomend you read the whole post and say the other prayers as well…

You do not have to memorize this prayer just read it out loud with sincerity and an honest conviction.

(Excerpt begins)

“My Little One, the following is the third prayer for those, who have been in such deep sin, that if they did have My Spirit, it fled; and if they never had My Spirit, they most certainly need it! Therefore, I give this prayer as a third prayer for all, who so need My Beautiful Spirit of love, grace, mercy, hope and great and wonderful spiritual gifts and manifestations of Me.”

Third Prayer
The Prayer to Receive the Spirit of God

Jesus, oh Blessed Saviour, You know of the great holes in Me, which have been there for a very long time! Father, I do not want any holes in my heart or in My spiritual makeup anymore; for these holes are also places for demons to hide in.  Oh, Blessed Saviour, please give me Your Spirit!  Please fill up these great holes with your Wonderful Spirit of Love, Mercy, Grace and supernatural wonders! I am separated from any, who have the Spirit of God, and who would pray for Me, so that I may receive Your Spirit.

Father, I so deeply desire Your Spirit; for I do not wish to be like the heathen, who live in darkness and who are cut off from You!  Father, hear my cries!  I beg you to reach down and to impart Your Spirit to me; for I want to be counted among Your Children!  Hear my cries, Oh Blessed Saviour!

Father, I also ask You to send Your great power into me and to drive every demon out of me, for I greatly want to be free!  And, Father, help me to be mindful of wrong behaviors and to be mindful of behaviors, which will insult or drive out Your Spirit!  For, once You give me Your Spirit, I never want to be an empty house again! I never want to be cut off again! I never want to be counted among the heathen again!

I want to know you, Jesus! I want to know You in an even greater way; and if it would be Your will, I would like to serve You one day! I would like to help save souls, who are just like Me, lost and cut off!

Father, I know that without Your Spirit, I am cut off from You and if I do not find you and receive Your Spirit, at the last day, my soul will burn; for I will be counted among the rejects! Father, I do  not want this! Have mercy on Me! Please bless me to have Your Spirit and help me to do what is right; for I so greatly treasure Your Spirit!  Don’t let me perish, Oh Lord!  Give me your Holy Spirit; for I long to be counted among Your children. Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, Oh Blessed Saviour! Amen!

“My Little One, for each one, who will pray this prayer, and who will pray it with their whole hearts, know one thing, that I will visit this one, and I will give to this one My Spirit in a supernatural way!  For, I also realize that many will not know where to go to receive the Spirit of God! And, any can receive My Spirit through the laying on of hands, but many in the churches, who would pray for others to receive My Spirit, do not even have My Spirit!

So, in these end-times, I will do some extraordinary things to save souls!  And, this one prayer I will also honor when one so seeks My Spirit with a whole heart. I will even visit this one, just as I have told you, and I will so impart My Spirit!  This prayer will also benefit many in My house, who are called by My Name, for many, who claim to know Me do not know Me, but are as dead wood!  So, this prayer is for many so-called Christians, who have never had My Spirit, or who have driven out My Spirit by doing things, which have offended My Spirit, and have not repented!

By giving this prayer, which I will indeed honor, when one prays it with his or her whole heart, I am indeed giving a very grand gift, and a very great tool for salvation!  For, if one has My Spirit, this one is given special consideration, even if he, or she dies in sin, there is still hope for many!  Hear Me in this!  This is a very important prayer!

So, if you are not sure whether you have the Spirit of God, or not, pray this prayer and do not pray it just once, but day after day, with a whole heart, until you know that you have the love and light of My Spirit within you!  For, if you have had My Spirit and if You have insulted it and have driven it away, you may have to pray with a greater determination and with a greater longing to receive it again; but if you are truly sorry for all of your sins and if you have worked well the previous steps in cleaning up your life diary, praying these three prayers, I will hear your pleas to receive My Spirit.

With these words, I will close this section!  Take these teachings very, very seriously. Do this work and I will not only make you clean, but if you will thereafter walk in love, forgiveness and obedience towards Me, loving Me above all and loving and forgiving others, even your enemies, I will also save your soul and you will thereafter go on high and receive a mighty inheritance in the Kingdom of Light, which is joy and beauty beyond any and all things, which you could or would ever imagine!”

(Excerpt ends)